Propane Forges and Furnaces:

Fast, clean and efficient

In the blacksmith and decorative ironwork shop gas forges are quickly replacing coal. There are many reasons. Coal is dirty both in smoke emissions and the resulting ash and clinker that must be disposed of. Good coal is also becoming hard to get in many locations as domestic coal furnaces are being phased out. In many localities people unfamiliar with the slightly sulfurous smell of coal smoke often complain to authorities even when the smoke is unregulated.

Propane is portable, transported by train, truck, cart and by hand. This makes it available where gas pipe lines do not exist. Propane fuel is used in large industrial furnaces, flame cutting equipment, domestic heaters and catalytic radiant space heaters. Propane burns clean realeasing mostly water vapor and CO2.

Small blacksmith gas forges now equipped with auto igniters are easy to light and convenient to use. Cost of fuel is comprable to coal with the advantage of less labor expense.

Propane, the NEW traditional fuel!

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